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Cristina Arce, MD MS

Cristina Arce, MD MS

As an adolescent, I had romantic notions of the life of a physician. The self-fulfillment and gratification that comes with being a healer appealed to me in an instinctual way. I thought that the profession was filled with glory and honor.

The motivating factors to enter medicine are now different than the motivating factors sustaining me in medicine. The farther I advance in my profession, the more I realize the following: to think of myself as an individual is a fallacy. I’ve come to appreciate the ‘we’ behind healthcare delivery. I’ve come to appreciate that the only way to be better is not necessarily to perform better as an individual but to shed light on blind spots within the system where our patients quietly fall through the cracks.

My philosophy of care is a commitment to patient-centered care that reflects patient needs, values and choices. Finding out you have kidney disease can be overwhelming. My goal is to empower my patients with knowledge so that they better understand the cause of their kidney disease and learn ways to keep their kidneys in good health for an extended period.