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Huda Arif, MD

Huda Arif, MD

  • Internal Medicine, Nephrology (Board Eligible)
  • Loyola University, Maywood, IL
  • PRESENCE saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago
  • Texas Arlington Memorial Hospital
  • None
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Growing up I was always encouraged by my parents to become a physician. I remember telling my dad I would rather become a nurse, because they were so caring to patients. His response to that was I can still be a Doctor and be very caring to my patients. Since then there was no turning back. And I am so grateful to be in this field.

I always enjoy my interactions with my patients in clinic. Its interesting how with in a 4hour clinic session I am able to meet a vast diversity of people, share there stories and frets of the day and at the same time be able to help them. It was gratifying when my patients insisted that I stayed back at my fellowship institution after graduation so that they can still to see me. I was able to create such bond with them in a matter of 2 years. But alas, being a fellow I had to move on. I am excited to create a similar rapo with my patients as I start my career with DRG.

My philosophy of care, really comes down to the fact that my patients have driven all the way to see me. They have made special arrangements at work or at home to take this time out. When I see them in clinic they deserve all my time and I want to be able to be to help them and take care of them to the best of my capabilities.