Our Team

Gerard Martins, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Years ago, I concluded my medical school application with the words “I offer my honest words on this page and my pledge that my commitment to become an excellent physician is unwavering.” It still feels like yesterday that I wrote these words and my commitment remains full-fledged.

I grew up, lived, was educated/trained and have worked in a few countries and this has contributed significantly to my outlook on life and my role as a doctor. I have been immersed in many different cultures and I have cared for patients in a range of settings and circumstances. These experiences have provided me with a deep sense of responsibility for my patients who are always my first priority. As a nephrologist, I strive to deliver compassionate and evidenced-based care for my patients. My primary focus is improving and preserving renal function with the aim of avoiding the need for dialysis. If this unfortunately becomes necessary, I provide my patients with all of their options (including home dialysis and kidney transplantation) and create an individualized management plan through shared decision-making.

Doctor originates from the Latin docere, meaning “to teach” and I am always aware of my responsibility to share knowledge. I am enthusiastic about providing my patients with explanations that impart true understanding. As a nephrologist, I find this ability to communicate to be especially important as there are lots of myths and misunderstandings about kidney function and kidney disease.

My greatest source of happiness is to be of service to others and this is why I became a physician and a nephrologist. I hope to have the privilege of going above and beyond for my patients for as long as possible.