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Nimra Sarfaraz, DO, Top Kidney Doctor

I’ve always been somewhat of a bookworm. I like figuring out why things happen and have found the human body a fascinating challenge. I can’t recall a day where I’ve gone without reading something new. One of the other reasons I went into medicine is to impart that knowledge in a digestible manner to someone who might not be as familiar to make the whole process less scary.

What I like most about the Dallas Renal group is that it feels like a team effort. We all share core values. When you know the vision is the same, it makes the day to day easier. I genuinely like the people I work with on a daily basis. We all want to provide the best patient care and grow our practice because we truly believe we are the best. I love that my patients are engaged and involved. It helps when patients are proactive in their own care. Oftentimes, my patients teach me a thing or two as well!

My philosophy is to empower patients with knowledge and hand back as much control as possible in the face of their conditions.

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