Our Team

Cristina Arce, MD MS, Top Kidney Doctor

Cristina Arce, MD MS

At an early age, I had romantic notions of the life of a physician. The fulfillment and gratification that comes with being a healer appealed to me in an instinctual way. As the practice of medicine advances, many practitioners forget to recognize the personal touch that’s so important to the patients’ sense of well-being. The farther I advance in my profession, the more I’ve come to appreciate the ‘we’ behind healthcare delivery. Our team of physicians and dedicated staff are committed to providing the best patient-centered care that reflects patient needs, values and choices. We also work closely with your primary care doctors and other sub specialists to address all aspects of optimizing your kidney health. Finding out you have kidney disease can be difficult. My goal is to empower you with knowledge about your treatment options and provide solutions so that you can confront your disease with confidence.


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