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Piyush Lohiya, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

I always loved studying science and math, and with the encouragement of several physician mentors in my family, I decided in my junior year of high school to pursue medicine. It’s been incredibly rewarding to apply science in a career that helps other people.

I love being a physician in Dallas Renal Group. DRG provides a dynamic, caring environment where physicians strive to ensure the best possible care. I truly enjoy spending time with patients, sharing information, and learning from them as well. Trust is an integral part of this collaboration. I’ve learned that every patient is different, and by listening to their concerns, I can tailor care for each individual.

My philosophy of care is multifaceted. 1) Be kind and empathetic; treat others how you would want to be treated. 2) Take a deliberate, in-depth approach to each problem and examine it from different angles. 3) Coordinate care with other healthcare providers. 4) Counsel patients and their families about their options, including benefits and risks. 5) Empower patients and families with the knowledge to make the right health decisions. Staying true to that philosophy will build trust for long-term partnerships between patients and physicians.

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