Our Team

Paul Cespedes, MD, MPH, Top Kidney Doctor

Paul Cespedes, MD, MPH

My dad is a nephrologist.  In the 4th grade, I wanted to learn more about his job, so I did a school project on the kidneys. I was amazed at the amount of information my dad knew. I could not believe he was able to make a kidney out of clay without looking at a picture. That was the point I knew I wanted to become a physician.

My favorite thing about the practice of medicine is the patients! Prior to going to medical school, I had a career in the business side of medicine that involved data analysis. Essentially, I was sitting in a cubicle, staring at spreadsheets and writing reports. However, when I would go on-site to a client and walk around the hospital, that was when I was happiest. I truly enjoy talking to people. Every day, I am overwhelmed that they trust me with their care.

My philosophy of care really comes down to a couple of things: First, all good things in moderation. Second, I try to treat everyone the way I would want my loved ones to be treated.

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