Our Team

Gregory Proctor, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Gregory Proctor, MD

I always loved science and had had a strong curiosity to understand how things worked. This initially drew me to a career in engineering, but I felt this lacked the human element I craved. After my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was able to see how strong of an impact her physicians had on her life, which inspired me to pursue a career in medicine.

I feel very lucky to work in a practice where I can satisfy my intellectual curiosity while helping our patients improve their quality of life. I love building long-term relationships with patients. We often meet our patients during a period of acute illness and help guide them along the road to recovery. Seeing this recovery is truly inspiring and a testament to the resiliency of our patients.

I believe strongly in a patient centered philosophy of care, which emphasizes patient education. I believe this empowers patients to be active participants in their care, which is crucial to practicing preventative medicine.

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