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Dallas Renal Group (DRG) is a growing leader in providing comprehensive care for patients with kidney disease. Here at DRG, the patient is paramount and we are committed to providing the best care to each individual and our community as a whole.


Dallas Renal Group provides professional, courteous, compassionate, convenient and state of the art medical care. Our mission is to empower you and your family with knowledge and necessary skills to better appreciate your medical conditions so that you can make choices that will enable you to lead a healthy life.


Dallas Renal Group's goal is to provide high quality, professional care to their patients at a time and location that is accessible to the patients, while emphasizing choice, dignity and the sanctity of the patient-physician trust.


The Physicians and Staff at DRG believe that the patient is paramount. We strive to provide excellent care to patients at a time and location that is convenient for them. With a strong reverence for life, we promote patient and physician trust, patient and community education, and access to quality healthcare services.


Excellence: In clinical care, research and innovation
Compassion: Empathy for the patient and their loved ones
Respect: Upholding the values of health and life that are important to the patient
Integrity: Trust and understanding between the patient and physician
Equity: Serving all patients without regard to their socio-economic status, race, gender or religion.


Consult and Treatment for:
Chronic Kidney Disease
Acute Kidney Injury
Glomerular Disease
Kidney concerns
Kidney transplant
Mineral Metabolism


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DocTalk Live is a weekly radio show hosted by Dallas Renal Group’s Dr. Parin Makadia, Dr. Samir Nangia, Dr. Vik Prakash, Dr. Silvi Simon, Dr. Paul Cespedes, and Dr. Cristina Arce. The purpose of the show is to keep DFW healthy by sharing medical expertise to listeners on a different health topic each week. The show is produced in partnership with Zyga Healthcare Group. You can tune in live every Monday at 5:30pm on 104.9 FM.

Nephrology Business Leadership University

The Nephrology Business Leadership University (NBLU) program is designed to provide nephrology fellows with a stronger understanding of the business of nephrology, and how it fits into the complex and evolving healthcare landscape. The Dallas Renal Group is proud to be an active partner in educating new physicians to improve the practice of nephrology across the country.

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