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Parin Makadia, MD, MBA, Top Kidney Doctor

Parin Makadia, MD, MBA

Despite having an MBA degree that could allow me to be both financially and personally fulfilled, I felt that I wasn’t working to my potential and had more to offer. I was in search for more long-term intellectual challenges and more interpersonal satisfaction. It then came to me that I needed to pursue a career in medicine. My love for an array of challenges made it difficult to choose a subspecialty.

I have always envisaged working closely with people in an intellectually stimulating environment, and in my opinion, a career in Nephrology is one of the best ways to achieve this, blending the analytical thinking of a scientist with the compassion of a caregiver.

My goal is to learn from my staff and colleagues while functioning as a supportive team member. I hope to continue in the journey of becoming a physician with the energy and dedication required to perform a shade above the rest. This hope is what will propel me forward with a sense of enthusiasm and conviction, which will translate into a competent and humane physician.

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