Our Team

Silvi Simon, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Growing up, both my parents were in the medical field, so I was exposed to the world of medicine. I quickly discovered it was my passion as I would constantly play “pretend doctor” and being in the hospital excited me. Today, I am living my lifelong dream of being able to treat patients and be a part of their healing team.

I personally chose nephrology because my uncle had kidney disease requiring dialysis and eventually passed away. I ended up loving nephrology because of the intricacy the kidneys and the daily change of pace and scenery, moving from the hospital to the outpatient clinic to the dialysis units. I love the diversity of my patient population and enjoy the stories and long-term relationships I form with the patients and their families in the course of treating their underlying medical illness.

I believe it is a privilege to be allowed into the confidential medical care of the patient. With kidney disease, our patients go through a lot and are forced to have several restrictions, especially those on dialysis. I believe it is critical not just to direct them on what to do but to listen to the patients identify and address any personal barriers that keep them from accomplishing the task. I try to take a holistic approach when treating my patients.