“Dr. Chimata and his staff showed great compassion for me when I visited his office for the first time. He spent an ample amount of time with me answering all my questions about my diagnosis. He was very knowledgeable about the various types of treatments and was very patient with me. This was very important to me because this was going to be a big lifestyle change for me. I appreciated his constant follow-ups and encouragements which made it easier to get through this process. I highly recommend Dr. Chimata and his staff.”

- JH

In the life of the average dialysis patient life on dialysis is - life! The experience of going to dialysis every other day is usually not memorable or the experience is not one that they wish to continue but due to life circumstances there is no other choice. The repetitious routine of dealing with dialysis staff that doesn't view you as an individual or respect your rights as a patient and physicians that aren't as concerned about your health as they are your insurance. But I ask you to imagine with me for a few minutes if you will. A place where the dialysis experience is anew and fresh. Not your average center not your average staff or physicians. A place where when you go for this life saving treatment you are actually treated as an individual person. The staff is professional but warm, attentive, and they have a sincere concern and compassion for your health. Imagine a staff of physicians that run this Dialysis center who are actually respectful of you the patient. Who make you feel as if you are the only patient they have when in fact they have more. Who don't rush through your weekly meetings, they take the time to find out how you are doing, feeling and give feedback you can actually comprehend. No need to imagine that is a reality at Liberty Dialysis and my personal experience. I found it so refreshing to finally experience sincere, warm, vibrant yet professional physicians and staff. They care from the heart for my well being and speak to me as if it were them sitting in the chair. Who respect my part in my care and who listen to my input. I would not trade my experience at Liberty because this experience is what i've been looking for. I applaud Dr. Chamata and his partners for forming an ownership of Liberty here in Texas and deeply appreciate their dedication to their philosophy, patients and staff. The nurses, techs and managers of Liberty reflect that belief in the way they handle patients, care, and communicate with me as a patient. Liberty Dialysis is truly freedom from the typical dialysis experience.

- Anonymous

I had received a kidney transplant at the Texas Transplant Institute, San Antonio in 2007. Since I live in the Dallas area, I was referred to Dr. Chimata of Dallas Renal Group for follow up care. Soon after my return to the Dallas area after my surgery I started to have complications. My leg was swollen. Dr. Chimata acted quickly to help alleviate my medical issue. He had me go immediately to have a scan done on my leg which indicated blood clots. Dr. Chimata admitted me immediately to the hospital and provided excellent care. The clot situation resolved fairly quickly. I have had wonderful follow up care with Dr. Chimata. When he is unavailable, which is seldom, his office staff works diligently to see that my questions are answered and that my needs are met. Dr. Chimata follows my lab work closely and makes personal phone calls to me to discuss changes that I need to make to my medicine protocol. I have been very blessed to have Dr. Chimata overseeing my care. In March of this year I will have had my new kidney for 4 years. I have never had any signs of rejection. I feel like I am in very good hands with Dr. Chimata watching my progress. I highly recommend Dr. Chimata and the other doctors on his team.

- K.C., Dallas January 2011

It was a Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday July 26th 2011 to be exact. That is the day I first met Dr. Chimata. I was lucky in that Dr. Chimata came to Irving on Tuesday afternoons; to the same building and offices of my primary care physician, who had referred me to him. It was on that day that I learn that I was in acute stage 5 kidney failure and would need to start dialysis or have a kidney transplant. To go from no kidney disease straight to stage 5 failure needless to say was a shock. The prior year at my last checkup I had no signs of any kidney disease. That is the day my life changed forever. However, under Dr. Chimata’s  care and guidance that change has not been what I thought it would be. I was able to make it ten months without going on dialysis, all due to the supervision he provided. During that time I was able to pass the entire pre-transplant testing. Once I was approved my husband was able to apply to be my donor. He was approved and passed all his testing as well to give me one of his kidneys. I received my transplant at Dallas Medical City Hospital in May 2012. I have now completed my one year post-transplant follow-up with the Transplant Team at Medical City. I have no issues and I believe that is all because of the excellent care I have received from Dr.Chimata. He follows my lab work closely and if needed makes personal phone calls to me to discuss any changes that I might need to make. He takes the time to explain exactly what is going on and what steps need to be taken so that I understand them. Thank you Dr. Chimata for the exceptional care you have provided me and all your patients.

- Anonymous

I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize one of the physicians of Dallas Renal Group. In February 2010, I had the unfortunate task of carrying my aging father to the Emergency Room at Baylor Waxahachie Hospital. My father was nearing 94, had excessive fluid buildup, very low energy, and labored breathing. He was in a very concerned physical state. He had similar episodes in the past, at another hospital, that resulted in an array of specialists to be involved, without significant improvements. However, the February trip to Waxahachie resulted in us being introduced to Doctor Yogi Chimata. Dr. Chimata worked to prescribe actions that significantly reduced the fluid retention, without further degradation to his aging kidneys. Additionally, he was anemic and given transfusions to boost his system and strength. Follow ups with Dr.Chimata throughout 2010, have resulted in continued improvements in my father’s physical status. Our family and my father believe had we not met Dr. Chimata, life could be much more challenging for our nearing 95 year old. Perhaps my father may have not made it, we believe. We are very blessed to now have Dr.Chimata as my father’s physician. He has a wonderful bedside manner. He cares and it shows through the excellent care he has continued to provide to my father.Thank you Dallas Renal Group for having high quality and caring physicians, like Dr.Chimata to care for those we love so much. Most Sincerely, Linda C Daughter of patient Ellis county, Texas

- Ellis county

For you're among the nicest people I have ever known, and you'll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you've shown. Thanks for everything. With much love !!!

- J&M

My husband has been under the care of Dr. Chimata since a near fatal automobile on July 30, 2015.  We are very impressed with the compassion and care we have received from him and the staff at Liberty Dialysis.  My husband received dialysis from them for the 2 weeks he was in rehab and now at home since the last of September.  They are very caring and always available when we have concerns and questions.  I do not know of any other physicians who make their cell phone number available should you need to contact them at anytime.

- PN

The staff was very helpful.

- Howard M.

The staff was very polite, nice, and helpful.  Dr. Prakash is very attentive and knowledgeable.  He takes time to explain every aspect of labs and tests.

- Anonymous

Keep doing what you are doing. Staff was great.

- Anonymous

The staff was wonderful. The experience was great.

- Anonymous

The staff is awesome.  I’ve been very satisfied with the service here.  The superior service makes me recommend her and her staff to anyone needing dialysis or kidney care.  Thank you so much.

- Natalie M.

The staff is polite and everything is awesome.  Dr. Turner is a great doctor as well as great staff.  She provides a superior level of care.

- BW

The staff is polite and helpful as always.

- SF

The level of care I receive every visit from Dr. Turner is top notch.  She has a wonderful chair side manner and shows a genuine concern for my health and wellbeing.  I would recommend her to any new dialysis patients looking for a renal doctor.

- JC

Staff is always polite and helpful and I would not change anything on my visit today.

- Anonymous

My visit with Dr. Turner was great! Staff was Absolutely polite and helpful. Nurse is the best!.

- NH

My experience with Dr. Turner was wonderful. She is a very thorough physician. Excellant physician and very nice staff.


Regarding my visit with Dr. Turner, they were very helpful and kind!

- DT

Letter from family to Dr Turner " Dad spoke highly of you to everyone. He would repeatedly tell them and us "Dr. Turner saved my life", "She really listens and cares about her patients and makes me want to be a good patient and do what it takes to live." Thank you for making a difference in our Dad's life."

- Anonymous

"Very pleased with visit, staff was helpful and polite.  I am looking forward to his help in making me get better. I was very impressed."

- BB

"Staff is always good. The care received is always helpful."


I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to you, your nurse  and your staff excellent treatment and support you all have shown me with my continues care. Before I came into your care, I was very nervous and unsure by the fear on the unknown but you all were so kind and assuring when I came in, it took away a lot my apprehension You showed me your total commitment  into caring for me when I was unsure of what was going on and gave me the support and encouragement I needed to take the necessary steps I needed to take.  The support you and you  staff provides makes it easier to deal with my situation and gives me hope that no matter what happens, I know it will be alright. Thank you all , I’m able to look forward to what ever happen, knowing you did above and beyond to help me get through this. Thank you all once again for all your care and support.

- JS

I like the doctor. Didn’t know I had a bad kidney but I get excellent care.  I will be 95 this year and doing good because of the care I receive. Absolutely awed at care. Employees are very helpful, and always attentive.

- MA

Coming to this office and seeing Dr. Sri has been the greatest experience with loved ones(husband, mother, and brother-in-law). I have never had a problem understanding anything the doctor has had to explain. Her nurse is always on point. If I could tell them thank you every day I would. Thank you for listening.


Everyone was polite and nice.  The doctor is very nice and she makes sure you understand everything that is going on with your health and other problems.

- MA

The staff was polite and helpful. The doctor was wonderful.

- MF

Dr. Sri (Venkataraman) is the best. She is always so happy. Her nurse is really sweet. She always calls me back.

- A

"Dr. Nangia and staff are very professional and courteous. Very pleased with all aspects of care. I would recommend to anyone."

- JP

"Dr. Nangia provided a detailed account of my medical status. He is very informative."

- OJ

"Dr.  N is always very nice and helpful with any questions I have. Takes time to explain things. Overall everyone at office is nice and helpful."

- RM

I have been seeing Dr Nangia for over 2 years for high urine protein. After seeing him for a couple of months and my protein would not come down he felt like I should have a biopsy. I am glad I agreed because I have FGN which is rare. We were both surprised by the results. Since then even though my GFR has been going down he has not given up on trying something that will slow it down. He has changed my B/P meds so often trying to find one that I do not have a reaction to I can no longer keep up with the ones I have tried. He also suggested I try Rituxan to lower my protein. Not only did he send me to a great Dr for that it worked. My protein has been way down since the middle of Nov. I am very thankful he is willing to see me at any time and also has the desire to find out anything new on FGN to try to help me in any way he can. I am so glad he is my Dr through all this and hopefully he will continue to be. I would recommend him to any one.

- RM

Dr. Nangia, Thank you for picking up our neighbor's Dad as a patient. She reached out to me in desperation late one night last week asking for a Nephrologist referral. Her family has been through a very difficult time with her Dad's health struggles. She texted me this morning to tell me how "AMAZING" you were with him. :)

- Anonymous

"Great work. Very thankful. All Smiles."

- JS

"Dr. Danda is great.  She is very good about explaining what is needed in my care.  The office staff are always very friendly and helpful."

- Anonymous

"Excellent experience and would recommend patients here."

- AC

Our first encounter with Dallas Renal Group was in November, 2006. Following a year of undiagonsed illness, Bob was taken to Charlton Methodist ER and was quickly moved to CICU.  Early in his stay at Charlton, Bob required a Code Blue recesistation.  All his vital signs and organs had shut down.  He was In ICU for four months and was in the hospital a total of nine months.  During these nine months, Dr. Danda and Dr. Chimata oversaw Bob's kidney care.  He was placed on dialysis. Dr. Danda and/or Dr Chimata were there daily to oversee his dialysis and his overall medical treatment. They worked with a team of 5 other specialist to insure Bob received the best treatment possible.After his release from the hospital, Bob received his Dialysis treatment from Liberty Dialysis. He was a patient at Liberty Dialysis from August 2007 thru September 2008.  During this time, Bob went to Liberty Dialysis three times a week for his treatments. Either Dr. Danda or Dr. Chimata were there faithfully to monitor Bob's progress and recovery.After Bob gained sufficient strength and an improved physical health, they coordinated getting Bob placed on a list to be considered for a Kidney Transplant. Dr. Danda and Dr. Chimata worked with the transplant medical team and Methodist Specialty Transplant Hospital in San Antonio to make this dream of a transplant a reality.  In September 2008, Carol was successfully able to donate one of her kidneys to Bob.Over these past 5 years, Dr. Danda and Dr. Chimata have kept close followup on Bob's kidney functions and his overall health.  They have returned after hours calls as needed. They have worked Bob in to their office's busy schedule on an emergency basis if needed.  Bob has had pneumonia 5 times since his transplant due in part to his compromised immune system.  Dr. Danda and Dr. Chimata faithfully made their rounds during each of these hospital stays as well as to the rehab hospitals,  where Bob was sent after each bout with pneumonia.It has been 7 years since Bob first was placed on dialysis and 5 years since his transplant,  Thanks to the excellent care received from Dr. Danda, Dr Chimata and their entire team at Dallas Renal Group and Liberty Dialysis, Bob is looking forward to a long healthy life.

- Bob & Carol

I thank God for Dr. Danda. She is the best.