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Vik Prakash, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

My grandfather was a general practitioner, and I saw first-hand how great an impact he had on his local community. That early interest was only encouraged further through studying science. I knew in 7th grade I wanted to become a doctor. The road was long, but the journey was incredible because as I was helping others, they helped me become the doctor I am today.

What I love the most are the long-term relationships that I get to build with my patients. Kidney disease can be scary, and I hope to put their fears to rest and guide them through the process of saving those precious beans! My patients become like family, and I often share my cell phone number, so they always have a direct line to me if the need arises.

My philosophy of care is to be compassionate and to listen. Not everything needs a medication thrown at it. Through diet, exercise, and good habits, we can make a huge difference in our health. And even if I can’t fix everything, my patients always have my ear and support.

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