Our Team

Hanna Thomas, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

I fell in love with biology and the intricacies of the science involved in the human body while in high school. However, it was also the opportunity to use this knowledge to serve people that led me to pursue medicine as a career, and today, I consider it my God given calling. The arduous and long journey to be a doctor was fueled by this commitment, and it has been a life changing yet rewarding experience so far.

What I love most about my profession is my patients and the chance to be a part of their lives in a meaningful way. I deal with diseases that often prove a formidable challenge, and the opportunity I get to help them through these challenges gives them hope. Using my skills as a clinician is the most rewarding aspect of my practice. I like to be with my patients every step of the way while they are under my care. My patients are family to me and their stories of courage and strength also  keep me going forward.

My philosophy of care is to always use excellent and timely medical care while providing compassion and encouragement needed to deal with the problems that my patients face. I like to see my patients armed with all the information regarding their lifestyles and their choices that can impact their health. I am available for my patients as a good doctor and to lend a hand of friendship, compassion and prayer as needed.