Our Team

Fahad Alobaidi, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Growing up in a family of physicians I was exposed at an early age to the impact that they can have on the life and well-being of their patients. Fascinated by the human connections that are inherent to this profession, my mind was set on becoming a doctor.

While in medical school, I was always amazed by the science of Nephrology. I chose this specialty because I knew that my passion, skills, and medical knowledge would be used to help patients through times of uncertainty and fear – the truest of rewards for a doctor.

The initiative and mission in patient care at Dallas Renal Group has provided me with a solid foundation to perform with the utmost level of commitment and pride. I truly believe that patient care should be individualized and tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

First-hand experiences have taught me the importance of the personal relationships and trust that I build with my patients over time, I enjoy spending time talking to my patients during each visit and my ultimate goal is always to empower them to be active participants in developing their own treatment plans.