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Ratna Danda, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Ever since I was a young girl, helping and caring for others has always been a strong part of my personality. And growing up in a household with parents as physicians, I was able to witness the life-changing impact they had on their patient’s lives. Along with my interest in science and human physiology, I gravitated towards choosing medicine as my career.

As a nephrologist, I love the diversity involved in the practice. From dialysis and outpatient care to hospital care, I love interacting with a myriad of different physicians and health care professionals. Being able to impact my patients’ lives in a positive manner is truly rewarding. At DRG, we value teamwork and camaraderie that ultimately allows us to provide the best care for our patients.

My philosophy of care is to treat the patients the same way I would want my loved ones or myself to be treated. I believe empathy and compassion are the keys to great patient care. To me, listening to the patients and educating them about their conditions are important aspects of helping patients take control of and improve their health.

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