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Mahboob Khan, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Mahboob Khan, MD

Medicine, which means the science and art of healing, has always attracted me while growing up. With an uncle and a brother being in health professions, I had an opportunity to visit places and see the smiles and happiness of families who saw their loved-ones get better. While I also saw the dark side of some illnesses, I always wanted to see everyone healed.

I just love “the science and art of healing.” The diagnosis of having a kidney disease can be very stressful. I help my patients understand their illnesses and how to prevent further deterioration and complications. For those who need advanced care, like dialysis and a kidney transplant, I help them and their families navigate through the complicated process. I will be with you in every step of your illness, because I’m here to give you back your smile and happiness!

“Healing” is the philosophy of my care.  That’s what I wanted to do while growing up, and that’s what I will always do!