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Taryn Turner, DO, Top Kidney Doctor

I went into medicine as a childhood dream-I was injured many times as a child and always wanted to discover the how and why of the systems of the body. I wanted to be able to use that knowledge to encourage others to make changes and have a healthier lifestyle.

The most rewarding aspect of being a nephrologist is the opportunity I have to impact the lives of others in ways that encourage them to make choices that are better for their daily lives and ultimately for their health. I love to see the lightbulb go off when people understand their health problems and then enjoy walking with them through managing their chronic illness or even reversing their disease in areas they can make changes-especially in diet and exercise.

My philosophy of care can be summarized in a word: Empowerment. I encourage patients to really know themselves and their disease and to take ownership in their walk of health each day-both physically—“a body in motion stays in motion” and emotionally—via prayer or spending time with others.

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