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Muhammad Chaudhry, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Muhammad Chaudhry, MD

I really wasn’t thinking of becoming a physician. I was following a path I was called to at a very young age. To this day, I cannot explain it outside of direction from God. There was never an allure of money or prestige, and frankly, looking back, I never planned on how to optimize my chances to get into medical school. Unsure if that was a good thing or not, I can only say one thing with certainty – I always knew that becoming a physician was what I was supposed to do.

Caring for patients as people really is at the heart of medicine, and it’s a great privilege to be able to help others when they are at their most vulnerable. I wanted a career where I could connect to a huge range of people, be challenged to leave my “comfort zone,” and be humbled by what I see.

I live my life by one simple rule and try to implement it every day in my practice; “Treat others the way you, yourself, like to be treated!”