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Josh - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


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Stephanie C. - DRG's Kidney Care Staff

Stephanie C.

Suresh Margassery, MD

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My name is Stephanie I am a super bubbly Certified Medical Assistant and a recent addition to the Dallas Vascular Center team. I founded the passion for patient care at a very young age. I fell in love with this career path while working and schooling for family medicine right out of high school. With almost 11 years of experience in the healthcare field I have adapted to become a jack-of-all-trades in the world of medicine. Performing routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep doctors offices, hospitals and clinics running smoothly. It brings me great joy to bring smiles to my patients and coworkers. I am married to a great husband and a full-time mom to our three lovely children. In my free time I enjoy playing board games, watching movies, traveling and playing outside with my little ones.
Elizabeth - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


DVC Clinic

I came to my education after owning a successful painting business for 20 years. Nursing is my second career. I was blessed with an education and a chance to care for others. My nursing career has led me from ER trauma, to Critical Care, to Home Care, to Labor and Delivery/Nurse Midwife, to Interventional Radiology, to Clinical Educator and Charge Nurse at Dallas Vascular Center. Patient Care is my passion, I strive to treat everyone with respect, compassionate care and humor. I love being a nurse.
Otilia - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


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I've worked in Dallas Vascular Center for over 4 years and enjoy building relationships with the patients, they become family. I love to travel with my family and build memories.
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