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Irfan Agha, MD, MRCP (UK), Top Kidney Doctor

Irfan Agha, MD, MRCP (UK)

For me, the field of medicine was the most sublime intersection of science,...

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Amy Akins, NP, Top Kidney Doctor

Amy Akins, NP

The field of medicine is unique in that it strikes a complex relationship b...

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Fahad Alobaidi, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Fahad Alobaidi, MD

Growing up in a family of physicians I was exposed at an early age to the i...

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Deepa Amberker, MD, FACP, FASN, Top Kidney Doctor

Deepa Amberker, MD, FACP, FASN

Growing up, I saw the struggles of my parents who tried their best to give ...

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Eldrid Baez, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Eldrid Baez, MD

Coming soon......

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Neena Bhagat, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Neena Bhagat, MD

As I was growing up we had a young doctor in our neighbourhood and watching...

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Muhammad Chaudhry, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Muhammad Chaudhry, MD

I really wasn't thinking of becoming a physician. I was following ...

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Ratna Danda, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Ratna Danda, MD

Ever since I was a young girl, helping and caring for others has always bee...

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At a young age, I knew that I would join other medical professionals in my ...

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Ammar Haque, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Ammar Haque, MD

As a physician, there is no greater joy than the joy I feel when I help a p...

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Amna Ilahe, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Amna Ilahe, MD

Growing up my grandmother used to live with us. She had many medical proble...

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Ajay Kallam, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Ajay Kallam, MD

I believe medicine has been my calling. The ability to help others in their...

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Swapna Katipally, M.D, Top Kidney Doctor

Swapna Katipally, M.D


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Shehpar Khan, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Shehpar Khan, MD

I chose a convoluted route to medicine. The myriad of career options intrig...

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Mahboob Khan, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Mahboob Khan, MD

Medicine, which means the science and art of healing, has always attracted...

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Naseer Khan, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Naseer Khan, MD

Coming soon......

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Apurva Lapsiwala, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Apurva Lapsiwala, MD

Since my childhood days, I always dreamed of doing something where I could ...

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Saqib Mahmud, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Saqib Mahmud, MD


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Parin Makadia, MD, MBA, Top Kidney Doctor

Parin Makadia, MD, MBA

Despite having an MBA degree that could allow me to be both financially and...

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Madhavi Mallareddy, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Madhavi Mallareddy, MD

My mother always had a great influence on my interests and aspirations. It ...

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Joshua Martinez, DO, Top Kidney Doctor

Joshua Martinez, DO

Coming soon......

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Suresh Margassery, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Suresh Margassery, MD

In school, I always enjoyed learning about biology and the human body and I...

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Hussain Mohammed, Top Kidney Doctor

Hussain Mohammed


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Rama Nadella, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Rama Nadella, MD

To my knowledge, medicine is the only profession where I can make a differe...

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Samir Nangia, MD, FASN, CPE, Top Kidney Doctor

Samir Nangia, MD, FASN, CPE

I enjoy helping others!  As a patient with a chronic illness myself, I was...

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Hoang-Lan Nguyen, DO, Top Kidney Doctor

Hoang-Lan Nguyen, DO

I know it sounds cliché, but I got into medicine because I really wanted t...

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Chinedu Nwachukwu, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Chinedu Nwachukwu, MD


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Smitha Pamulaparthy, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Smitha Pamulaparthy, MD

Getting into medicine was my childhood dream. I grew up with an uncle who w...

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Tanazul Pariswala, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Tanazul Pariswala, MD


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Joonho Park, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Joonho Park, MD

While attending Cornell University as a pre-medical student majoring in che...

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Vik Prakash, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Vik Prakash, MD

My grandfather was a general practitioner, and I saw first-hand how great a...

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Mamatha Racheruvu, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Mamatha Racheruvu, MD

During high school, my grandmother was seriously ill, and for one year I ob...

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Sunil Sherchan, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Sunil Sherchan, MD


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Magdalena Sikora, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Magdalena Sikora, MD

For as long as I remember, I have always wanted career that involves helpin...

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Silvi Simon, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Silvi Simon, MD

Growing up, both my parents were in the medical field, so I was exposed to ...

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Hanna Thomas, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Hanna Thomas, MD

I fell in love with biology and the intricacies of the science involved in ...

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Jennifer Truong, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Jennifer Truong, MD

I love being a doctor because I enjoy connecting with new people from all b...

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Taryn Turner, DO, Top Kidney Doctor

Taryn Turner, DO

I went into medicine as a childhood dream-I was injured many times as a chi...

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Latha Velusamy, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Latha Velusamy, MD

As a child whenever I saw my doctor, I felt a sense of comfort knowing ever...

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Sri Venkataraman, MD, Top Kidney Doctor

Sri Venkataraman, MD

I chose the field of medicine because I felt it was a profession in which o...

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Thao Vining, APRN, AGACNP-BC., Top Kidney Doctor

Thao Vining, APRN, AGACNP-BC.

One of my favorite quotes is: "Life's most persistent and urgent question i...

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