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Charlene - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


Shehpar Khan, MD

Medical City Dallas, Plano DRG Dexter

The Medical field has been my passion for the past 15 years and I am excited to gain new experiences with DRG. I've had the pleasure of working with several professionals in the Mesquite and Garland areas and feel like I can continue to learn from such a dedicated team. As most of my off-time is spent with my family and all of our activities I am also blessed to be a part of the DRG family.
Ally - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


, Rama Nadella, MD

Medical City Dallas

I've been with DRG for three years. I pursued this career after finding out that my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer. I wanted to be able to help him, and others like him, in all kinds of ways. I knew I had to educate myself to better understand the process. The hunger of learning overtook me and my goal is to provide the best services to my patients.
Andrea - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


Silvi Simon, MD

Medical City Dallas

Being at DRG for 3 years has prepared me to be more compassionate when it comes to patients with kidney issues. When I found out that one of my family members had to be put on dialysis I could truly assure her that she would be fine with the help of her support team. I'm really glad that I can make this journey with her. She is my shopping partner so I have to make sure she gets the best care...... our adventure continues.
Thelma - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


, Rama Nadella, MD

Medical City Dallas

I've been with DRG for some time and it has been an interesting experience thus far. I believe in delivering the best customer service, having patience and compassion to all of our patients to create the best experience for them in what may be a scary situation. I stay grounded by having fun shopping and I love to listen to all types of music and go dancing and love spending time with family and friends.