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Main Office – Wheatland

Main Office

WheatlandWheatland Nurse Station
Alejandra - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


Main Office – Wheatland

I have been in the medical field for 7 years. I started working for Dallas Renal Group in 2015 as a Referral Coordinator. My primary role is working with patients to schedule referral appointments and provide patients with appointment information.
Angelica - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


Ajay Kallam, MD

Main Office – Wheatland

I have been a Medical Assistant for 8 years. I take satisfaction in knowing I am helping my patients, the physicians, and my fellow DRG team members.
Nancy - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


Main Office – Wheatland

I am a bilingual Certified MA, born and raised in Dallas TX. I am a mother to a 2 year old boy. I started as a Medical Assistant with DRG in late July 2020. I am the floater here at the Wheatland Office, I enjoy helping out my fellow co-workers, as well as the patients. Everyday I learn something new and I'm so grateful for that. I enjoy what I do here at DRG!
Lety - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


Main Office – Wheatland

I have been with Dallas Renal Group for 11 years. My goal is to always provide excellent care to our patients and to support our physicians and staff members. I like connecting with our patients to make them feel good about coming to see the doctor and taking care of their health.
Luz - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


Amna Ilahe, MD, Irfan Agha, MD, MRCP (UK),

Main Office – Wheatland

I have been a Medical Assistant for several years. I am the Assistant Manager/Team Lead with our group. I take pride in helping patients with their medical goals and helping our staff to reach their professional goals.
Yesenia - DRG's Kidney Care Staff


Ratna Danda, MD

Main Office – Wheatland

I have been a Medical Assistant with Dallas Renal Group for 4 years. I strive to make sure our patients are taken care of to the best of my ability. I enjoy helping them with their care which allows them to live a much healthier life with their kidney disease.
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