Kidney Treatment Innovations

Renal UltraSound

A renal ultrasound is able to show the size, location, and contour of the kidneys. The ultrasound can also show if there are kidney stones, cysts, blockages, or tumors. With our ultrasound and Doppler imaging technology, we can determine how blood is flowing to and from the kidneys with color images that indicate movement of blood flow. It provides excellent motion information not available on a standard sonogram.

Ultrasound imaging takes a skilled operator to get an adequate image of the kidneys. When an ultrasound can be done, we prefer that method, as contrasts and dyes used in CT scans can risk harming the kidneys.

Patient App

The physicians and leadership team at Dallas Renal Group continues to innovate in their field, and pioneer the use of technology to make our patients’ lives easier and assist them with the knowledge they need in any medical situation they may confront. Our patient-focused app features a learning center, diet and activity tracking, lab work and vital signs records, and reminders/alerts about appointments and medications.